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STRETCHER Manuthera 242 Mobilization table

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Manuthera 242 with synchronized lifting motors. Manuthera 242 is the first world treatment table with two synchronized motors. They provide easy and smooth movements to work the therapist. The automatic safety system detects if there is any entrapment between structures stopping the engine and raises the stretcher to remove the blockage.

With the unique and modern technology designed by Finnish experts, the stretcher 242 manuthera mobilization and manipulation, facilitates the therapist's work and ensures better diagnosis and possible treatment for their patients.
Manuthera 242 is a stretcher sued for diagnosis and treatment used by osteopaths, naprapatas, OMT therapists and chiropractors. Manuthera 242 raises the therapist's work to a new level and offers countless possibilities for diagnosis and treatment thanks to its patented system based on two synchronized motors, single multitracción system and several other features.
The patient can be mobilized therapeutic positions smoothly and effortlessly. The demonstrations can be made in 3 dimensions using traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation offered by the stretcher and gravity. The design of the table, the two-motor system and structure bearings in all moving parts improves ergonomics of work therapist and makes it less expensive. also improves treatment outcomes.
An excellent experience for the patient treatment
Thanks to the careful design of the structure, design anatomic mattress and an easy to clean surface, the patient feels relaxed during any treatment.
The movement of the table is similar to the patient's spine, and no effort is needed by the therapist. Soft and easy movements offer new forms of relaxation for the patient. this relaxing experience allows a greater number of repetitions and consequently a better result.
Thanks to the electric lift stretcher, even patients with very limited mobility can access the table without pain. The technology is designed to provide flexible adjustments in any kind of treatment by making sure that the patient will not have to get off the couch during treatment.

Elements chest Section 2
Adjustable height 49-106 cm
Weight 170 Kg
Electric positive and negative verticalization
If lumbar rotation
retractable supports
Total barring If
wheels 2
Licensed weight 150 kg
engines 2
Normal Drops and traction
security system
If anti Entrapment
If adjustable feet
Injected foam mattress
facial and U-shaped section If
Plug facial If oricio
Country of manufacture Finland
maximum width 54 cm
Maximum length 190 cm
* Security Mechanism, the engine only acts on the rise.

Manuthera 242 has been designed to support the work of the therapist in different ways:
• Possibility of advanced treatments multitracción and 3D mobilization.
• Functions optimized to reduce stress therapist.
• Different types of motion in each section.
• Features that allow treatments of great therapeutic efficacy.
• bearings in all joints allow smooth movements.
• Mattress easy to clean and durable.
• A pleasant experience abalada treatment for thousands of patients.
• Manufacturer Warranty 2 years.

Vídeo presentación de la camilla Lojer Manuthera 242.

Vídeo presentación de la camilla Lojer Manuthera 242

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