Pago seguro

SSL certificadoOur site has SSL security certificate. An SSL certificate serves to provide security for visitors to our website, a way to communicate to our customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data.

SSL stands meet the terms in English (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes your data traveling fully and safely, ie, transmission of data between a server and web user, and in feedback, it is completely encrypted or encrypted. The encrypted data to travel, we mean that mathematical algorithms and a set of keys that are only identified among the person browsing and server are used. By having a trusted SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, then we can ensure that no one can read its contents.

All this leads us to understand that the technology provides an SSL certificate is secure transmission of information over the Internet, and thus confirm that the data are free from unwanted people.

How can we know that our site is secure?

Simply must be set in the browser you are using, in the address bar. Here you can see a lock certifying that the site is secure and is encrypted.
If you click on this lock, the browser will give you information about the site owner

So you can see the SSL certificate in the most used browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

SSL Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

SSL Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

SSL Google Chrome