La Camilla de Tratamiento es fundamental para la evaluación y tratamiento de los problemas musculoesqueléticos. Se trata de la inversión más importante y duradera del terapeuta y su estilo refleja y define el ambiente del consultorio.

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  • Osteopathy

    Stretchers oriented osteopathic treatment provide a treatment where special attention is placed on the structure and mechanical problems of the body.

  • Electric

    Electric stretchers are characterized by their ease of use and versatility.

  • Hydraulic

    Hydraulic stretchers provide movement speed movements.

  • Fixed

    Fixed stretchers are the most economical and simple to carry out their sessions option.

  • Stretchers Traction

    This type of stretchers responds to a very specific treatment in which the column must be securely fastened. Its main purpose and function is to properly secure the column to make certain stretches that are controlled by a drive motor, hence the name of this type of stretcher. This type of therapies that require the use of traction stretchers are indicated for aches and pains in the lower back and in the neck area. These stretchers traction are a very specific product so often difficult to find in stores, unless it's a very specialized professional shop stretchers. We recommend you consult the website a professional website selling stretchers

  • Foldable

    Folding stretchers are an ingenious solution to the space problems.

  • Stools

    Stools offers a quick solution for express treatments!

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Showing 1 - 9 of 45 items


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