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Electric inclined plane

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For treatment of patients by changing the horizontal-vertical position and "TILT TEST" (0 to 85 ° in 30 sec.) Structure of great strength and durability of steel painted with epoxy-polyester oven. Electric height elevation pendant hand. 2 bodies with removable backing with face hole and lid. Removable foot, sidebars to cinched with pair of sliding grip handles patient. Verticalization of electric hand plane pendant from horizontal to vertical (85 °). Game 2 includes straps series. Rolling pedal centralized head end system. Upholstered with abrasion resistance, perspiration, saliva, blood, urine, UV light, oils and stains. antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal protection. M2 fire retardant and washable. Impermeability.
Optional: Pedal floor double Cod 5550 for driving motors..
Cinch foot Cod. 5500 180 * 10 cm.
Cod.5510 chest cinch 240 * 10 cm.
Upholstered in gray, blue or black.
Warranty: 2 años.o therapist.
• Different types of motion in each section.
• Features that allow treatments of great therapeutic efficacy.
• bearings in all joints allow smooth movements.
• Mattress easy to clean and durable.
• A pleasant experience abalada treatment for thousands of patients.
• Manufacturer Warranty 2 years.

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