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This consists of a sophisticated traction unit, a stretcher especially designed for the spine and a simple harness system with Quick-Wrap. also accessorized with a cervical traction, knee wedges and pressure biofeedback system.
5 Patterns stretching DTS that mimic the feel of manual therapy.
Stretches gradual, progressive amplitude oscillations and movement.
clinical protocols for cervical and lumbar pain and 80 free positions.
Options static, intermittent or cyclical traction.

Maximum patient comfort for both manual therapy and for traction.
Section with pelvic tilt: helps improve pelvic asymmetry of patients with low back pain.
Independent arm and torso sections provide a neutral position of the spine.
Accessory headboard rises 35 degrees, allowing easy access to the thoracic and cervical area.
Folding clamping bars to hold the prone thoracic traction without restriction.
Axillary supports prevent slipping during a supine traction.
color graphics library with anatomical illustrations, common conditions, and placement techniques straps.
Optional activation surface EMG logs when the patient relaxes to the target EMG.
Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 45 cm.
Weight: 14 Kg.

• 2 sections.
• electrically adjustable height
48-96 cm. Width 71 cm.
• Load capacity of 181 kg.
• Sliding lumbar section.

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