Neurotrac Myo Plus 2 Bluetooth con EMS
  • Neurotrac Myo Plus 2 Bluetooth con EMS
  • Neurotrac Myo Plus 2 Bluetooth con EMS

Neurotrac Myo Plus 2 Bluetooth con EMS

The biofeedback device / STD / Stimulation Classic A suitable tool for training and assess the patient's progress.

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• Preconfigured programs for treating Neurotrac Myo Plus 2 Bluetooth con EMS, sporty and muscular development and neuromuscular rehabilitation.
• Specially designed to serve as a portable device to physiotherapists. Suitable for personal training in a clinic or at home (with advice).
• 2 channel EMG (biofeedback) combined with 2-channel NMES (stimulation).
• 2 channel ETS (EMG induced stimulation) with 2-channel stimulation.
• Simple operation of one or multiple phase: multiple phase combines EMG / ETS / STIM in one program.
• Simple and accurate. Measuring from 0.2 microvolts up to 2000 microvolts.
• Screen LCE and multilingual voice prompts for Biofeedback.
• manual and automatic threshold control.
• Biofeedback between stimulation (indicating muscle fatigue and muscle stimulation activity when used).
• Standalone device that can also be used with established multilingual programs.

Now with Bluetooth connectivity! The unit delivers up to 10 meters wireless data to the software.
For home users: generates and prints (with optional software) comprehensive daily reports on patient outcomes where readings are offered (2 channels) of average activity / rest, maximum values, start and relaxation muscle contraction, deviations of activity and rest, and the average current of mA.
It serves as a learning tool for both the patient and the clinician with an emphasis on improving therapeutic techniques for the use of EMG and neuromuscular stimulation.
4 AA batteries (not need connection to the mains).


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