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Natural extracts REDUCING

Localized fat body, difficult to remove, are constituted by a series of important lipid toxic impact, causing a chronic edematous disorder in those areas of the body.

Provided that the volume of adipose tissue in the hypodermis is reduced and the subcutaneous tissue, with any technique aesthetic impact, is faster than as might happen spontaneously; so, one of the disadvantages of rapid reduction of aesthetic treatments is sagging tissue.

REDUCING NATURAL EXTRACTS COCKTAIL contains gotu kola, routine and artichoke. Gotu kola is a great regenerator bioestimulante and firming capacity.

The routine has diuretic and antispasmodic action; and together with the purifying action of the artichoke stimulate lymphatic drainage system reducing liquid retention accumulated in the tissues and reduces swelling and bloating.


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Natural extracts REDUCING

Natural extracts REDUCING

Cocktail reducing natural extracts (Purifying)

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