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osteopathic model of human skull 22 pieces, didactic versión.

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osteopathic model of human skull 22 pieces, didactic version. Natural-looking model that easily appreciate the complex structure of the skull due to its 22 bones can be removed one by one. The joints between the bones of the model are stable and inconspicuous, being very easy to assemble and disassemble each. 22 bones are depicted in 9 different didactic colors for easy identification of each separate bones. Bone pairs have the same color. The skull consists of the following bones:

• parietal bone (left and right).
• occipital bone.
• Frontal bone.
• Temporal bone (left and right).
• sphenoid bone.
• ethmoid bone.
• Bone vómer.

• zygomatic bone (left and right).
• Top with teeth (left and right) Maxilla.
• Palatine bone (left and right).
• Nasal concha (left and right).
• lacrimal bone (left and right).
• Nasal bone (left and right).
• Lower jaw with teeth.

This popular model has been achieved thanks to a precision molding of each of the bones of a human skull removed from European origin and is suitable for the formation of osteopaths, among others.

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