Osteopathic excellent model of human skull 22 pieces, anatomical version.
This fascinating model of a European adult skull can be divided into 22 pieces.

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One of the pioneers in the current market as regards to cranial osteopathy models.
It has 22 bones reproduced very detailed and accurate, easily removable in a few minutes from nestable parts and magnets placed strategically. Combines thus, the advantages of modular models with stability of magnets models with interlocking pieces. Manufactured by emptying a real adult human skull. This is a realistic model showing a high level of detail the anatomy of a human skull. In his anatomical features not found in other products in the same category, or are represented so too basic reflected. There is no doubt, therefore, that this model of 22 removable parts and especially designed for the study of osteopathy is one of the most comprehensive available in the market worldwide. It is made of plastic, which facilitates maintenance at the same time making it very durable.
Purpose: Designed especially for the study of osteopathy.

parietal bone (left and right).
occipital bone.
• Frontal bone.
Temporal bone (left and right).
sphenoid bone.
ethmoid bone.
Bone vómer.

zygomatic bone (left and right).
Top with teeth (left and right) Maxilla.
Palatine bone (left and right).
Nasal concha (left and right).
lacrimal bone (left and right).
Nasal bone (left and right).
Lower jaw with teeth.


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