About us

Que es Levelfisio

After many years in the world of physiotherapy and sports medicine, it is time to offer customers something more:

We are a young company born from the experience of many years in the world around physiotherapy and its variants.

We are known for having gained experience through numerous projects, and have gotten the best of each of them to now offer the highest quality of service. Our objective is:

  • Maximum Quality
  • The best customer service
  • Best manufacturers

The faces...

Pedro belmonte

Levelfisio starts here...

Pedro Belmonte is the "culprit" that Levelfisio has been made possible by its eagerness to offer products and services at the height of its customers.

Levelfisio Kinevit is part of the group Kinevit. They support the quality and experience to provide the best products with coverage throughout the Spanish territory and much of Europe.

They say about us?

Levelfisio has given me the possibility of having my stocks always ready with its magnificent web.


“Great quality service as well as a huge variety of products. very nice and intuitive Web. Purchases are quick and easy.